Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Country Garden Showcase- Week 4

Things have been kinda slow around our little homestead this week.  The weather hasn't been too cooperative.  I'm not complaining, we NEED the rain.  I did manage to get a few small things done in the garden this week.  I planted  a few rows of cold season seed- carrot, mescluns, radish, and beet under 3 mil plastic in raised beds. I constructed two simple/cheap compost bins using 4' tall wire and t-posts.  I didn't get time to layer and fill them before it started to sprinkle, so I'll have to do that later on this week.

Since most of us are not getting much done in our gardens this week, I want to share a few helpful gardening links to help you get started this year and a few inspirational photos from my last garden.

Mother Earth News- Seed Starting Tips
When to plant herb seeds? 
DIY Easy newspaper pots
Mother Earth News- Resolve to Build a Hoophouse
UCANR- Pre-plant fertilizer application rates for veggie gardens

Have a GREAT week!

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