Thursday, February 2, 2012

FarmGirl Friday Blog Hop- #43

Welcome to The Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!
I hope your week has been a good one, full of smiles, happy moments, and productive times too.  I've sure had a great week so far.  My best friend Michelle and I got to spend a few evenings hanging out, just some great girl time.  We didn't get much done, but we did manage to have a little sewing giveaway HERE and HERE.  In case you haven't yet heard, I host a monthly sewing/quilting arts blog party called The UFO Roll Call.  You can check it out HERE if you're interested.  There will be another little giveaway this month for participants.

Michelle joined me in another fun endeavor, my Wednesday Country Homemaker Hop.  She will be co-hosting on occasion.  I am so glad she's decided to join in on the fun.

In the yard, I got another few rows of cold season crops like carrots, lettuce, beets, and onion planted in the raised beds.  I have not yet put the plastic hoops on, but I plan to get that done this Saturday, with My Hubby's help.  Today, we got a few beautiful new ornamental trees AND we got them planted too. Yippee. Example images below...  
A Deodora Cedar 
and a Morning Cloud Chitalpa
This is what their flowers will look like this summer... just lovely. I can't wait. I have just a few flowering ornamentals in the yard so this was extra exciting for me.  
I fertilized all my fruit trees with blood meal and gave them iron and gypsum (to help break up my clay soil). I watered it all in. Those new, wider basins I made last month are working sooooo good. I am awaiting a delivery of another 6 yards of organic compost and humus to fill up my raised boxes, once and for all. Smile.
In the kitchen, I am right now working on a few projects which I may post about later, like these great little fire starters that are made from used up candles, dryer lint and empty paper egg crates.  I filled up the pantry with lots of important staples I was getting low on.  I also found a few really good deals on organic fruits and veggies this week so I snapped them up.  I got a hot deal on organic maple syrup and organic balsamic vinegar too.  My local grocery store seems to be adding lots of new, organic choices lately, thankfully and organic prices have been coming down a bit.  Another smile.

I have been slacking in the sewing room this week.  Nothing worth mentioning has been going on in there.  I am also looking for an apron challenge.  If you know of one currently taking newbies, please let me know.  Well, that's about all that's been going on around this little homestead.  What are YOU up to this week?


  1. I have been slaking in the sewing room myself, can't help it, enjoying the weather we are having here!!

  2. Me too Melanie. I know how you feel. I am going to try to change that this weekend though. Smile! Thank you for stopping by and chiming in on the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop.