Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow Day...

 Today, it snowed.  Not a lot of snow, but enough to enjoy its beauty and how the occasional snow enhances
 the beauty of nature...
 I just love how the snow blankets the ground beneath this ancient blue oak
 I love to watch snow fall and to hear the sounds it makes- slush, hush... as it falls all around me
I really enjoy the contrast of the bright white against vivid colors in my yard
 I love snow covered honeysuckle vines.  
 elderica pines 
and seeing a bright blue sky peeking out through the clouds, up above my old oak tree...
Snow days inspire me to see the beauty in everyday things.  

I hope YOU have a GREAT day too.


  1. Thank you Clint and Mrs. Scaife. It was a beautiful day. Another gift from God.

  2. Snow certainly beautifies a rather colorless winter landscape.

  3. I like your perspective -- snow makes the dreary look spectacular! Awesome photos of your farm. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing with Your Sunday Best.