Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Country Garden Showcase- Week 11

Welcome Friends!
The greenhouse move in pictures...
Greenhouse is finally IN the backyard and has heat, new shelves with wheels and overhead lights are on the way...  This empty spot on the hill is where the greenhouse WAS...
 This picture below depicts poor Jerry taking the entire thing apart and refurbishing it before reassembly in the backyard... its new home.
 she got a fresh coat of paint and a scrub-a-dub too
 This is my babygirl Sugarplum, she was supervising the process...
 Bright, shiny new paint good for another ten years.
 Papa pausing from paint for a picture...
 The next morning her was at it again...
 with lightning speed and a steely resolve
 he was determined to get the greenhouse finished before sundown...
 Powered by ice cream bars, Jerry worked all day long again.
 By 3pm I could see he was getting close...
 just the lexan was left...
 When it was finished, he paused for a quick snack before he cleaned up and came indoors to relax.
 Jerry built this greenhouse for me originally, about a decade ago.  He cut and painted pretty decorative gingerbread on the ends.  I loved it then, but I love it so much more now with heat.
Stay tuned for what's going inside this week...

March 10th Garden Prep and Plan
150 onion bulbs hardened off and planted in the garden DONE
taking back the terraced backyard hill- till and prep soil for planting DONE
more potatoes planted DONE
asparagus planted DONE
make soilless seed starting mix with vermiculite, peat moss, and seed starter mix DONE
veggie seeds planted Victory Garden style- awaiting germination DONE
pecan trees planted x2 DONE
almond trees planted x2 DONE
raspberry canes planted x4 DONE
blackberry canes planted x4 DONE
seedless table grapes planted x3 DONE

I couldn't wait for our last frost so I bought 3 heirloom tomato plants and planted them in 5 gallon buckets inside the greenhouse.  I will eventually transplant them into 15 gallon buckets.  I will get early tomatoes!  Yippee!

Please share what's been going on at your place and have a GREAT week!


  1. Wow your greenhouse looks beautiful Heidi! Your husband did a wonderful job he certainly earned his icecream bars! Thanks for this wonderful blog hop!

  2. Beautiful job, well done, Jerry! Oh, and Sugarplum (I`m sure it wouldn`t have been half as good without such expert supervision)!

  3. Thanks for always sharing great information in your posts KarenLynn!

  4. xstitchatoz,
    Thanks for stopping by to say Hi. Yeah, my Sugarplum is the best supervisor. The work is done with smiles when she's around.

  5. Sugarplum looks like a very good supervisor!

    What a fabulous greenhouse! I'm so jealous!

    You all make me feel lazy. You've accomplished so much on your list!