Monday, July 30, 2012

The Country Garden Showcase #31

Welcome back to the hop for everything garden related.  My plants and animals are growing steadily and so are the weeds.  I have loaded  up a few pictures of what's going on around this place.  I hope you enjoy them and please don't forget to link up your garden post too.


 This is my four month old cockerel and a few of his girls.  I am free ranging them most days now...
 This is my small chicken garden adjacent to the large chicken yard.  I am growing yellow zukes, fairytale pumpkins, and mammoth sunflowers for the girls to eat.
 A yellow zuchini plant.
 sweet bell peppers
 eggplant blossoms
 artichoke blossom
 San marzano paste tomatoes.  I planted 25 of them.
 Armenian cucumbers
 Last year's celery is going to seed so I can dry it and bottle it up.
 pickling cukes climbing
 butternut squash blossom
 Golden concord grapes growing into an apple tree.  I did prune last year, but these old vines grow so fast.
 My honeybee garden
 This is the view from my front door...
 a baby pumpkin
 a jubilee tomato
 the sweet corn is almost ripe for picking
 I love tassels
 birdhouse gourd
 a tiny birdhouse gourd
 a big max pumpkin
 my living fence...
 my nectarines are almost ripe
I never thought I'd be able to collect all these nectarines with this adorable apron my friend Dolly made for me...  but I did.  Thank you Dolly.

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Let's get hopping.

I am sharing this week's post on the Homestead Barn Hop too.


  1. Heidi
    Looks like your garden is doing great. You will have some wonderful produce to eat, can and freeze.

    Your front door view is lovely!

  2. Your garden looks wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Robyn and Rose.

  4. Yep, your garden really does look great. I'm so glad that someone is surviving this heat and drought. My poor garden is pretty much dead despite our constant babying and watering. *sigh* Time to plan for fall...

  5. Lovely pictures, and I absolutely love that your garden is in your front yard! It must look wonderful to your neighbours. :)

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for letting me share my own recipe of helathy, tasty and delicious Nourishing cocoa bars!

    Here’s the link:

  7. I LOVE your idea of a chicken garden all their own. Adds living beauty for them to forage in! I give my gals anything that got too big in the garden (ie missed squash!) and lots of garden scraps, but the idea of a chicken garden provides a crop of insects too! Love it! Thanks for sharing this. And your garden is gorgeous!