Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop #30

This week has been so much fun over at our place.  
 We caught a small swarm thrown off by our new world carniolan beehive.  
 We tried free ranging our chickens...  so far so good.  Minus a few tender raspberry vine leaves and grape leaves. Lol.
We even started incubating some royal palm turkey eggs compliments of a dear friend and fellow blogger Mona, author of the Healthy Homesteading blog.
 You can see her FB page HERE
I am having trouble logging on to her blog today. I'll post a link later. Anyway, I wanted to share that Mona was kind enough to give me several of these wonderful heritage breed turkey eggs to hatch.  My 70 year old incubator is holding its temp well, so if all goes well we will have baby turkeys in less than a month.

That's all from here.  What have YOU been working on this week???  Please share. Thanks!



  1. Thank you Jenny for linking up and sharing your "sassy" water. I am eager to check out the recipe.

  2. I just discovered your blog hop, and have submitted #17. I'm sharing pictures of my redneck chicken tractor, born out of desperation, lol! Glad to be a part of your blog hop, thanks!