Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop #32

Hello Friends!
I hope this post find you happy, healthy and well.  I am still making fruit leathers from that old nectarine tree in my front yard.   I hope to try cherry leathers next.  I have a few pounds of cherries a friend gave me.   
I also snuck in a few jars of bread and butter and dill pickles made with armenian cukes.  It was hard to do this week because it's been so hot...  When temperatures reach toward 100 degrees F, I wilt and get little done.
I had a scare in the hen house last night.  I caught a HUGE raccoon trying to break into the window in this picture below.  The window is lined in strong metal mesh, but that varmint didn't even run when I started charging toward him.  I need to get a trap.
One last thing... I am hosting an APRON hop this month on both of my blogs.  Please feel free to link up HERE or HERE to share your aprons.
*If you're savvy, consider sharing the hop on your blog this month too or a link to it on your sidebar.  The more folks see the hop, the more wonderful aprons we all get to gawk at.  What a great way to get ideas too...  

Please link up and share what you've been working on when you have the chance and THANK YOU!


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  2. Hello Heidi,
    We had a possum that kept getting into the tightest spots and killed 2 hens...we put out a trap and got him..they can do serious damage to your hens..Love your pickles and fruit leather I have to get you to share how you do that sometime...Dolly

  3. We made fruit leather before as well, and loved it!

    Wow I bet that racoon gave quite a scare! We used to have problems with raccoons, opossums and snakes getting into our chicken house, but ever since we got two good dogs that sleep near the animals at night, we haven't had a single critter invasion! We even leave the chicken house door open at night! So good livestock dogs are well worth it. We have an Austrailian Shepherd and a Lab/Chow mix.

  4. Ooooohhh, cherry leathers, can I come over? ;)

    Thank God you had wire mesh on that window!!!! Good thinking! I like Evanstar's suggestion too. I'll be thinking about an Australian Shepherd one day..,

  5. Okay, brain fart. Sorry. The linky is on now! Let's get hopping...

  6. OH, the fruit leather sounds like a really good snack. I'm going to be looking for some when I go to the store today :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)