Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Country Garden Showcase #36

Hip. Hip, Hooray!  
My account is fixed.  It's time to link up my weekly garden pictures... 
 Another batch of golden concord grapes.  This time I made grape jam.
 What's missing in the picture above???  Corn stalks.  Our 40+ degree nights lately have killed them off so I removed them
 They're now looking pretty on the posts along my house.
 My hubby told me we needed some harvest themed decor outside so I surprised him.
 We usually put a hay bale on end and add our harvest and halloween decorations to it right beside the front door.
 This was my view last evening as I could hear thunder off in the distance, but no rain for us...
Bottle gourd vines climb everything.  They seem to prefer to grow off the ground.  Here theyr'e growing in a lilac bush.
 My everbearing raspberries are blooming again,  and a few of my hens have made roosts under them to snack all afternoon.
 Nicotiana makes a great insecticide, but it is poisonous to most insects so though I took this pretty picture to share, I pick the blossoms daily so my bees don't get poisoned.  You can mix the blossoms and leaves in a blender with water and a bit of olive oil and spray it from a bottle directly onto the plant being attacked by sucking or chewing insects.  It is lethal.
 This is a volunteer from last season...
 San Marzano paste tomatoes.  Amazing flavor, especially when roasted, but they ripen much slower than beefsteaks and regular romas.  Be prepared for that.
 A beefstseak tomato blossom catches some shade.
 Texas Terragon blossoms.
 German Chamomile
 This is my hen Java.  She's a new layer.  She lays large green eggs.   I am finding that my Easter Eggers are fantastic foragers.  Java is the best forager.  She's always lurking among tomato vines, cucumbers, pumpkins or grapes searching for tasty bugs to snatch.
 This is a maniac zucchini plant.  it took over the whole box.  The box is 4 foot square.  There are a few other smaller cramped plants in there too though I should just pull them.  This beast isn't going to allow them much food or water...
 This blossom comes from an heirloom cucumber vine crawling across the hoops.
 Cinnamon basil.  Pretty.
 Hollyhocks.  I have so many of them.  My bees love them though they'e just about all spent now.
 I am letting a few carrots go to seed. This is a nantes scarlet.
 This lovely can be found in my honeybee garden.
 This is a shockwave rose...
 Sweet peas are my favorite.  I did not plant any this year because of my bees and honey production.   This was a volunteer. They're poisonous to humans... I did not want to chance any getting into my honey
 small potted pink Dahlias
I picked up a few new dahlias to add to my pots to freshen them one more time...
 I love pansies too
 These are my giant mammoth sunflowers.  Planted late June.  They're in full bloom right now for the bees...
 The bees seem to favor sunflowers and hollyhocks in my yard, even more than all the herbs I got for the bee garden.
 Here's a tiny fairytale pumpkin. One of the few to escape my hens notice.  They pick off all the buds, but if one makes it to a few inches in girth they leave them alone.
 Sunflowers sure are pretty and they seem to bloom longer than most showy flowers.  I'll plant more next year.
 The sky was so blue beyond those clouds yesterday.
 My tiny mini chickens...
 The Salmon Faverolles.  They're the funniest hens to watch.
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  1. Thank you for allowing me to share the recipe for our favourite, Green Tomato Ketchup (#20). This is a French-Canadian pickled relish from the province of Quebec--not a ketchup at all, but that's the name it goes by! (similar to Chow Chow). Thank you for hosting and have a great day.

  2. What a great catch up post Heidi!
    You really got a lot out of your homestead this year and your hens are so cute.. and they look happy too!
    Your fall decor reminds me of the way we do it up her in New England!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Jackie Patti, your steak looks wonderful.

    Brenda, I hope to be able to have enough to harvest and try your green tomato ketchup recipe too. Chow Chow and Picalilli were my Grandma's favorites.

    Deborah Jean,
    Thanks for stopping by. It's been one busy year so far. I'd love to see how ya'll decorate in New England sometime...

    Have a GREAT weekend ladies.