Monday, September 17, 2012

The Country Garden Showcase #38

This week the sun is going down a little earlier each night as the days get shorter.  The plants and animals seem to know what's happening.
The hens are even putting themselves to bed early.  
 In the garden, tomatoes and summer squash are taking their time, slowly ripening.
 They're hanging in there in spite of our cool nights, so far.
In the chicken garden, the sunflowers have bloomed and seeds are forming...  it won't be long before I can harvest some great sunflower seeds to dry for my hens to snack on.  A small victory.
The beehives are still busy as foragers work to put up as much food as they can before the weather takes a turn for the worse.
I have still not moved them to their new permanent foundations in the orchard, but every time I plan and get my suit on, I give in to the heat and humidity.  I did complete hive inspections today though and the hives are all looking pretty good inside.  Full of honey now.  I need to toughen up and get to work.

I still need to complete some yard chores this week and tidy up the yard before winter gets here, but I am taking it easy this week.  That's the progress in my yard for the week.

I hope you have a GREAT week in your garden.


  1. Your garden sure looks like it thinks it's summer- there's a lot of growing going on still! Ours is definitely winding down. I've noticed the chicks going in much earlier too, there's usually one hold out that straggles in after everyone else.

  2. What a nice looking harvest you have. We to are taking an easy week. There is so much to do for fall/winter but, I think we justneed a week to rest our minds and bodies before winter prep chores kick in high speed.

  3. I’m sharing what’s going on in my kitchen and at the co-op in “Harvest Time” and then something that I constantly have running in my kitchen: dehydrating tomatoes!

    Thanks for hosting!

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