Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop #46

Hello Friends
This week I have been busy packing my house and preparing for inspections... Yesterday I even spent a few hours digging up the lids for the septic tank so it could be pumped and certified.  What a thankless job that was.  Today I packed up all of the cabinets in the bathrooms so the termite inspector can get a good look under the sinks to be sure there are no leaks or termites.  

Meanwhile the hubby is camped out at the new place to prevent further vandalism.  So far, the refrigerator, range/oven, microwave and two well bladder tanks and a pump have mysteriously walked away...  This weekend, we hope to have the well working again.  Once the water is on Michelle and I are heading up to clean up the house.  

I plan to continue packing up 4-5 boxes each day.  I am working one room at a time, deep cleaning before the appraisal.  The bathroom tile and grout are trying my patience since the water softener went out.  We have a brand new one now, but the scale has built up for a few weeks so I am doing lots of scrubbing...

I am sad to say that I have not made a whole meal from scratch in a few weeks.  My kitchen is almost completely packed up now.  All of my old china and knick-knacks are packed up too.  Whew.  I am not even halfway done and I am already feeling a bit tired.  I am feeling a bit restless too since we are playing hurry up and wait, waiting on both escrows to close before we can really move anything.  The boxes are piling up.  Every day it becomes more clear to me that someone is watching over us, guiding our path as every obstacle put in our path miraculously falls to the wayside.  

I hope your last week was a good one and I pray this next week and the coming Thanksgiving holiday bring you warmth, family and friendship enough to last all year long.  Have a blessed week!

Now it's YOUR turn to share what' you've been up to around the homestead recently.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your vandalism at the new place!

  2. Wow, so sorry for all the things you have lost at your place. That really stinks. It sounds like you are packing in a very sensible manner though--thinking things through and cleaning as you go.