Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Country Garden Showcase #43

Welcome to my virtual garden...

This is the view from my kitchen window on sunny days.  It is so pretty, but if you look close you can see dense, heavy brush.  That's scrub oak.  It makes a nice privacy screen of sorts, but rattle snakes love to lounge underneath it during mating season and it is a huge fire hazard so it's got to go.   

While Jerry continues with dining room/kitchen demolition, I am going to get out our chipper to eliminate as much of the scrub oak brush that I can this week.  If I get too tired, I may even resort to a burn permit and turn some of it into a quick burst of Nitrogen fertilizer.  There is a LOT to go around...

Our "new to us" old house needs lots of work inside so I am not going to be able to have a huge garden like I am used to, not this year.  No raised beds.  There are no fruit trees in the ground yet...

There are many things I CAN do now to help prepare for a future garden though.  I like to make myself lists of goals each week and I enjoy crossing them off one by one.  It seems to speed me along.  Here's this week's list...

Weekly Gardening Goals   
remove brush
chip fresh cut brush
burn the old brush piles that were here when we moved
finish marking off future veggie garden plot with corner markers/twine
till a small seed bed and throw out some basic winter veggie seeds ie: lettuce, radish, onion
start prepping front flower beds around the house for shade/bedding plants 
help Jerry level/prepare foundation for granite slab patio
start a compost pile
start a chicken manure/litter pile
order honeybee garden seeds
order bareroot fruit trees/berry vines to start my orchard
order bareroot grapevines

This is a pretty ambitious list.  I will be happy this week if I get half of these things done.  The point of this exercise is to get me back on track setting and tackling outdoor chores again.  This list will keep me busy this week.  What's going on at YOUR place???  Please link up below.

Happy Gardening!

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