Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Country Garden Showcase #45

All Rained Out...
I am embarrassed to admit it, but there wasn't much gardening progress made around here this week.  The rain foiled most of my plans, but we did have a wonderful visit with some of our kids.  

Our home sits on a knoll above the Kaweah River.  The river access road washed out sometime before we bought this place and it's a pretty treacherous walk down to the water.
The rain let up for the afternoon on Saturday so the kids spent the day building a new path.  We will be forever grateful.  No more twisted ankles.

Later, I took a walk and observed that many native plants are already budding out.  It seems a little early to me.  Time will tell.
  It's been a real challenge for me to identify some of our new flora and fauna.  So much fun too.
We ended our weekend with a walk at the main fork of the river.   There is so much beauty here it seems impossible to have a bad day.   
If the weather cooperates, I hope to make a little progress in the yard.  

Weekly Garden Goals
plant fruit trees 
plant flower bulbs and tubers
fill raised boxes with soil
plant direct sow winter veggie seed and bulbs
construct three compost boxes and start filling them
complete basic water quality tests and submit samples for lab testing

I wish you a productive week in your garden.  

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