Friday, March 15, 2013


Tonight as I went about my evening chores locking up the coops to secure my hens and roosters I heard the faintest little noise.  What was it I thought?  It was so quiet I was sure that it couldn't be a baby chick.  Maybe it was a board creaking under my feet?  I have gained a little weight lately...

Sparkler arrived tonight!
I came through the room once more and heard it again, only this time the sound was not muffled.  It WAS definitely a peep!  The room was dark so I shut the door and ran to get a flashlight.  When I returned, this adorable little baby greeted me and happily posed for my camera.

She or he is the first baby chick born on our little farm.  My husband named her Sparkler in recognition of my excitement at the sight of her.  He said I was talking so fast, so happy when I shared the good news that he thought I might EXPLODE!  

Tonight I have one more precious baby to be thankful for.


  1. How sweet! Your first chick at the new place. It is certainly special.

  2. Bright as can be she/he is! No wonder you outshone the sun!