Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Egg Candler

I was in a fix a few weeks back. I needed an egg candler pretty bad, but I had no idea where to go locally to buy one.  I spent a few hours online and came up with this...   It works great!

All you need to make your own egg candler is some sort of light ie: my quilting Ott Lite, a piece of cardboard, scissors to cut the cardboard with, a marker, some blue painter's tape, and eggs you think are fertile too, of course..

1. Using a marking pen, measure and draw the circumference of your light's shield on the cardboard. Mine was a 10 inch circle.  Cut it out.  Then, draw an oval in the center of your circle to lay your egg into.  You'll want it to be a little smaller than your eggs so you can hold the eggs over the hole without letting light escape on the sides blinding you.  My hubby says that adding a small piece of foam weatherstripping around the perimeter of your oval would be a good idea because it can hide any gaps or uneven cuts.  Though I haven't done that yet.  

2.  Tape the circle onto your light.

Voila! you have a quick DIY egg candler.

Please note-  With the cardboard egg candling mask covering the light, it's not a good idea to leave this light on for more than a minute or two at a a time, as this can lead to fire; and it should never be left turned on and unattended.  I turn mine on to look at an egg, and turn it off in between eggs. I do not let it get warm to the touch.  When I'm done candling eggs I simply remove the cardboard and painter's tape and my Ott light is ready for sewing action.  

I am linking up this post to my favorite crafting blog hop, Dolly's Creative Blog Hop HERE!


  1. Heidi,
    I'm so glad you posted this. I always wanted to know how to make one and with your instructions it now seems possible. Thank you so much for sharing too on the blog hop.2

  2. What a great way to save some money. Those egg candling machines are expensive.

  3. Thanks for your kind words Dolly! Thanks also for hosting such a fun blog hop.

  4. I agree Michelle. Anytime I can save a little money, I am happy to try it.