Saturday, May 18, 2013

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #108

Extra! Extra!

Things have been RATTLING around here this week.  

Can you spot the rattlesnake???
While cleaning the chicken coop a few days ago, I spied a large rattlesnake nestled under an old milk crate that I use to prop open the door from the coop to the run.  

Here he is, minus most of his face... post shotgun blast!
Yikes!  I am so glad I was out there doing chores or I'd probably have lost a few hens that day.  This is our third rattler in just two weeks.  The biggest so far.  It measured 49 inches long and had 6 buttons on the rattle.  Sheesh. 

Jerry holding up the rattler.
Jerry bought me a new wheeled weed trimmer this week, and that day I had whacked down weeds in the area behind the coop so maybe my noise/movement coaxed him out into the open and into my chicken run?  Needless to say I am being very careful outside.  

Snake chaps
A family member gave me some snake chaps and I am wearing them every trip out to trim weeds.  I am very thankful for them.  

This area will soon be my main goat compound. It's already seeded with a good forage pasture mix.
Today I think I mowed down about a half acre of weeds and did not see a single snake.   Thankfully.  This area in the picture above will be fenced within the next two weeks and a small 8x10 goat barn will go up for my babies; just in time to bring home Lily of the Valley.  Hooray!

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  1. Flippin eck - Rattlesnakes!
    I'm always wishing I lived in the USA (preferably Texas, must be from watching Dallas as a kid) but those snakes would have me running for the hills, I'd probably vomit if I even caught sight of an Adder here. Do those chaps actually work or are you yet to find out? I think I'd want them armour plated and even then I don't think I'd cope - Rattlesnakes!!
    You are one brave cookie.

  2. Yikes!
    That would terrify me if I seen a rattlesnake. I have a hard time with gartner snakes!

  3. Hi Linda.
    I hope I NEVER have to find out whether or not these chaps work. Considering that rattlesnakes can strike about 2/3 of their length and these chaps end below my kneecaps I think they're more about making me feel safer, they're probably not much safer than going without. I do hope to be able to afford some real full length snake chaps one of these days. We have a saddlery here that can make them, but they're pretty pricey.

    Venomous snakes scare the heck outta me too.

  4. I can relate Sandra. It's taken me years to get over my fear and remain calm in their presence. Trust me though, if the time comes that you should encounter one, survival instinct kicks in and the snake is doomed. Especially if it's stalking farm babies.

  5. Those chaps were a great gift -- stay safe!~