Friday, October 4, 2013

The Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #128

I'm Feeling a Little Sentimental...

Every year it seems I find myself in the same spot at about this time.  I am ready to be done with the gardens, ready to be done with the HEAT of Summer, and most of all I am ready to start feathering my nest indoors.  I was born in October, so maybe I am partial, but October is a special time of year to me.

I love watching the leaves change colors as the nights get cooler coaxing plants to pull in chlorophyll.

I have always looked forward to trips to the local apple orchard or pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin for pies and goodies.  Right now I am mulling over how to convert a few pumpkin spice recipes into gluten free versions for me.  (If you have one please link up and share it below!)

I really enjoy decorating my home for the holidays.  I think I have my Mother to blame for that.  We grew up poor, but we didn't know it most of the time because my Mother infused our home with so much love and activity around the holidays that we were all spellbound making and baking wonderful gifts for everyone we loved.

Around Harvest time she would encourage us to be creative by helping us to make our costumes for trick-or-treating.  She would forage and collect fall leaves, pine cones, and acorns to decorate inside and we'd rake up leaves into big piles to jump into.  Bobbing for apples was so much fun on my birthday.  We loved making caramel apples, though we'd sneak and eat a few caramels too.

The Nativity
At Christmas Mom always made sure that we read the Story of the Nativity aloud together and were thankful for Jesus' sacrifice.  As we got older we understood better and found ways to serve others too.    Our home was full of the Spirit of Christmas thank to Mom.

Our home was filled with the Christmas music of John Denver and The Carpenters as we worked like elves in Mom's kitchen making baker's dough ornaments and fabric picture frames for gift giving.  I can still remember many an hour spent at the kitchen table (all three of us girls and Mom) painting ever so carefully on delicate ornaments, sipping cocoa and hot cider.  Mom is a wonderful artist though I haven't seen her pick up a paintbrush or tool in a few dozen years.  I can still remember being awed at the perfect detail she could paint- making Santa look alive or giving an Angel a wonderful feathery halo.

October was the beginning of this magical time in my childhood.  It took us several weekends to get all the gifts made and ready for Grandma, the cousins, and the rest of our relatives.  It warms my heart to think of the joy on their faces when we'd all open our gifts.  The best gifts were always homemade.  I will never forget the wedding dress that my Grandma Pearl made for my Barbie doll.  She was the best dressed Barbie ever.

This year I am going to rekindle our old family tradition.  I am going to start making and giving a special handmade ornament each Christmas to friends and loved ones.  It's time to start thinking about the next Homemade from the Heart blog hop... 

Let the child in each of us be released once again. 

One of the ornaments I made years ago

Do you have any fond holiday memories to share? 

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  1. My sister and I made gifts also. When my grandma, aunts and others passed on we received them back. Great memories. Last year our daughters and I made our gifts to each other. It was so much fun and much more meaningful. I have continued that throughout the year with birthday gifts to them. Love you blog; it felt so warm and happy. I am an October baby too! :-)

  2. Heidi I love your precious memories! We were not a wealthy family either but until one day when someone told me that I never realized it. Money does not make the home and it is true! I would take nothing for the home memories. Dad worked at home in an auto body shop. We would hope for snow in SC which rarely came but when it did he would put a car hood on the ground for us to skate to improvise in the south for sure. I had a van for my playhouse and awsome memories in that. Mama Dot was always cooking and we would visit other relatives. Feed the entire neighborhood and give to the needy. We certainly grew up with a faith in God. Heidi Mama's birthday is Oct 19th. When is yours? I remember one grandparent lived in a plantation home and we had to mind or p's and q's but I would sit around in awe looking at all of the beautiful items and the Christmas ornaments just sparkled. The other grandparents were salt of the earth and just love poured out from them. Farmers, chickens, cows, barns tractors wonderful memories. We could romp and play hard there. Sorry Heidi you stirred up so many good memories in me! Love you.

  3. I am so glad that we each have such happy childhood memories.

    Happy October birthday Debbie!

    Dolly, your Mama and I share our date! I was born on the 19th too. My Dad was a mechanic and always had cars laying around minus engines or trannys. LOL.

    I can also remember one exciting morning when I thought I was seeing snow for the first time (on a car hood) turned out to be hail. it was still a great day!