Friday, January 24, 2014

The Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #142


This week marks the opening of the first Facebook group dedicated to all things farmgirl!  

Whether you're a muck-boot wearing farmgirl or a farmgirl at heart... you're invited!

It's a dream a long time in the making, and my fervent hope is that this group becomes a special place to chat in real time about things like farming/homesteading, cooking/baking, gardening, crafting, DIY projects, backyard hens, dairy goats, beekeeping, blogging, and anything else we can think of.   It will only be limited by our imaginations! 

It's growing steadily. There are already more than 100 members in less than a week!  And- so many of our favorite bloggers are there sharing their farmgirl/homesteading experiences.  I hope to see your FARMGIRL PROFILE there too and a link to your blog.  Whatcha waiting for???

The only things that's missing is YOU so please hop on over and check it out!

Your Farmgirl Friday Hostesses
Deborah Jean aka "Deb" of Dandelion House
and me of course!

Enter up to three entries per hop! 


Be sure to leave a note if you're new to the hop!

As always, thank you for your continued participation! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! See you on the hop!

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