Friday, February 7, 2014

The Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #144

Howdy Farmgirls!  

Here we are at the beginning of yet another wonderful weekend on the homestead.  

It's time for my favorite blog hop- Farmgirl Friday!  

This is OUR chance to LINK UP and chat about all the hard work we put in each week, and brag about living the FARMGIRL life! 

I am off to the post office with my stack of prizes and envelopes fresh in hand, after yesterday's Farmgirl Photo Scavenger Hunt over on the Farmgirl Chit-Chat group...  if you haven't joined yet, you can check it out HERE.  

It's FREE to join.  There's no obligation to do anything.  It's just a fun place to share and talk about farmgirl life; in real time, with other farmgirls.  

Also-  Check our Deb's post HERE for updates on a few GREAT giveaways she has going on today!

Have a GREAT weekend.  See ya on the fenceline!


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