Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop- Week 13

Welcome Friends!
I was working in my laboratory staining and sealing another beehive when the thought occurred to me "Hmmm.  I wonder what I'll get to read about this week on the Country Homemaker Hop???" Suddenly, my entire body shook when I realized, Eek! I have to post it and get it up to get linkies...

I am reading everything I can get my hands on and all the blog advice I can find about chicken coops.  My hubby has agreed to build me one once I settle on a plan.  This week, I decided to share a few more pictures of the interesting chicken coop that I encountered on my road trip last week at Bravo Farms.  I really like it.   Tell me what you think...

Bravo Farms Cheese Factory Chicken Coop
I know the walls are cluttered by neat old signs, but if you look beyond all that graffiti art, this coop has an interesting personality and it seems quite functional.  Look how high the nesting boxes are off the ground.  That seems like it would be helpful for cleaning those boxes out.  
 The entire front facade is decked out with easy access nesting boxes.  Notice the wire across the top of the boxes to keep chickens inside...
 Sure, it won't keep predators out, but it will allow for easy egg retrieval and will keep the ladies inside.  
  I really like the side door too.   I am tall so I would really like a door I can fit through without bumping my head.  I would want to be able to get inside and keep things tidy often.  A human sized door would be nice.  I like the size of the coop too.  Inside it's open and the hens and a rooster have free range, but I'd use up a bit of this space for storage for feed and goodies too.  That way, I would not be standing out in the snow and rain to feed or collect eggs during the worst winter weather.
 I really like that there are several roosts, and at varying heights.  The hens seem to like it too.  The head honcho owns that sight closest to my camera lens and the exit door.
 I like this fancy waterer.  I haven't had chickens in a decade or more, but I remember dreading the constant cleaning of the food and water containers.  This system looks hygienic and being off the ground, it requires less space.
I also like how this coop features lots of small openings for air circulation and several windows to increase sunlight exposure for the hens.  I have read that in winter you can lessen the slowdown of egg production by adding sunshine to augment the shorter days.  Windows should help... so long as they're well insulated.
 Hello ladies!
 See how helpful those wires are...
 Easy egg collection!
Well, that is the end of our tour.  If you have any tips to share about chickens or chicken coops, please do share.  I need all the advice I can get.  Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful and productive week ahead.  Please link up and SHARE your progress this week...

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