Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We've got CHICKS!!!

I am so excited.  Jerry and I went to the feed store to price railroad ties and ended up leaving with the cutest little cotton balls EVER!  We do not yet have a hen house... but they'll be inside our home for a little while yet anyway,  so I guess this just means Jerry will be getting busy a little sooner, building that little chicken coop...  Here's the peeps.

 So far our little poultry family includes:

2 Barred Plymouth Rocks
2 Black Australorpes
2 Buff Orpingtons
2 Rhode Island Reds
2 Salmon Faverolles
and 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes
Tomorrow morning I hope to add 2 Americaunas to my little brood, if they arrive in their next and last shipment of the season.  Wish me luck!  I am having way too much fun mothering these babies.  Life is good on my little suburban homestead.

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  1. I knew you would have to post on your babies tonight. They are so cute.. Plus they have a great mom looking after them. They are going to be the most spoiled chick around.

  2. Looks like you have a good mixture of babies!

  3. They are so cute, I love chicks!! Buff Orpingotns and Americauna are my absolute favorite! They are gentle, have loads of personality and if you get a rooster out of either of these breeds they will take care of the girls and not be as aggressive towards you. Baby chicks are fun to watch no matter what breed!!

  4. Looks like fun! Can't wait to watch them grow and to see your coop.

    We always get pullets vs. chicks. I have had Buff Orpingtons, and maybe the RI Reds.

    We need a hardy chicken to lay through the usually harsh winters.

  5. Michelle,
    You know me too well. I hope to spoil em. See ya this afternoon.

  6. Clint,
    I read about these breeds and all are cold hearty and good layers. I want a rainbow flock like Michelle's neighbor has. It's neat to see so many different looking ladies strolling in the yard in the sunshine.

  7. Melanie,
    I am bound to get a rooster or two or three. We've bought straight runs 3 times before and always had atleast one lil rooster. I'm hoping so. I like roosters. They are so pretty and have giant personalities. I would love to have a docile rooster and either Buffs, Americaunas, or Salmon Faverolles (so I've read) are gentle boys. Fingers are crossed.

  8. Robyn,
    I am looking forward to watching them all grow too and I will share lots of pics. I tried to get pullets but they've been shorted every order locally this season, nobody's got em so I opted for my lil brood instead. I'm actually glad I did. I just love chicks.

  9. Congratulations to the new mom on the blog block! Our first flock was nearly identical to the breeds you got minus the Silver Feverolles. That's a new breed to me.
    We loved having a rainbow flock too!
    Your lil' chicks are adorable...enjoy!

  10. Wow, the same thing happened to me today when I stopped at the feed store to fetch some dog treats. I wound up walking out with chicks! Have fun with your new little flock.

  11. They are all absolutely adorable! I love having chickens and it is so fun to watch them grow up. I am now following you!
    Yolanda at

  12. How exciting! They are super cute. We are getting ours Saturday and I can't wait :)

  13. New fan here ! Head over ...we've got chickens and blog about them all the time ! Lisa