Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Country Garden Showcase #20

It's time to share your gardening progress and wisdom for the week ahead...

This weekend I made a little progress around the yard.  I tested the drip irrigation system in the raised bed garden and I am happy to report that everything is working great.  

I finally found time to weed the berry garden.  

Jerry tilled the bee garden area again.  I hope to start planting herbs in it tomorrow.  I still need to add compost and til that in.  This area has been tough because the greenhouse stood here for ten years.  The ground was like rock.  Gypsum, water, even tilling has done little so far to remedy it.  The compost and bagged garden soil will have to do for this plot this year.  I am running out of time.  If plants don't thrive then I will work on it again next year by adding even more new soil, sand, and compost.

Today I finished that homemade sisal rope pea trellis for my red runner beans to climb on.  

Jerry made legs for one of my honey bee hives.  We are trying to rid our hives of the ants that love the sugar and honey inside.  The cans are filled with used oil.  So far, the ants haven't been able to pass through it.  I hope our luck holds out.  

I checked on all of my bare root plantings to get a tally of what's not yet greening up and likely didn't make it through that last snowstorm. So far, I fear I lost one grape, two berries, and maybe my new peach tree (frown). I guess I'll be heading up to the nursery to see if they can replace them. Fingers crossed.

The lilacs are blooming and my yard smells so sweet.

I had a yard sale and sold all of those extra tomato plants.  It was so exciting.  I can walk into the greenhouse again.  Then I took some of the money and invested in a new sturdy chicken feeder, waterer and an automatic waterer for their mini-yard.  I am so excited.  I am feeling a little ambitious.  

Here's this week's plan...
Plant tomato plants- 25 paste, and 25 others
Amend bee garden bed
Plant herbs and bee friendly plants
Break ground on the chicken garden
Put up the wire bean trellises
Set up A-frames and plant cukes
Start training berry canes on fence
Plant one more bed of lettuce and carrots
Get replacement plants for the bare root plants that did not survive winter
Mulch all my new plantings with straw 
Plant more flowers too!

What have YOU been working on in YOUR garden this week???


  1. Your Garden looks so professional! Everything is so Beautiful!

  2. You have lots to do this week! I don't have any photos yet but I will in the next day or so. Between a medical emergency with my father-in-law and then mothers day, we have been tied up. Great looking garden.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Clint and for your kind words.

    Kathy, I look forward to seeing your garden photos and I am sure sorry to hear about your father-in-laws medical emergency, I hope he gets well soon. Happy belated Mother's Day!

  4. Oh my goodness Heidi.. You are such an inspiration! Everything is looking wonderful... Kathy, sending prayers for a speedy recovery for your father in law!
    Howdy Clint!

  5. Please come to my new DIY linky at tomorrow. I'm so afraid I'll be all alone!