Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop #39

Hello Homemakers
I hope you've had another week full of adventure and happiness. I sure have.  I've been keeping busy.  In the kitchen this week I canned more tomato soup, the last of the grapes became jelly, and I am dehydrating herbs right now. I still have about 100 onions to dehydrate so I better get a move on.
I have been cleaning up the house because I will have engineers here on Friday to inspect and prepare our roof for solar panels.  Yippee!!!  I am so excited.  They have to go up in the attic to make sure the roof can hold the load and install an anchor for the technicians to hook up to, to prevent a fall from the roof during installation.  
As the installation requires a few county inspections, we've been warned that our garage (my sewing room) may be full of panels and equipment for a while so I have been working to set up a temporary sewing area in the TV room. Woot! This winter I'll be sewing in warmth and style as I watch my favorite shows Once Upon A Time, Revolution, and reruns of Mad Men.  <Smile>
Queenie, 3 months ago...
In the coop things have been a little too exciting.  My little roo Queenie started seeing me as a threat this week so I am working on ways to avoid upsetting him again.  So far, walking out backwards or shoving something yummy in front of him seems to be working...  
Queenie this week.
I hope he chills out.  He can really pinch skin with his beak.  Ouch!  
My young hens are amazing.  They'll be 6 months old this week and today I got 13 eggs. That's a record for our little hen house.  The ladies are averaging a dozen eggs every day.  

In the sewing room, I am behind a bit in my Thimbleberries Quilt Club.  I have to make 120 flying geese rectangles for a mystery scrap quilt, so I guess I better say goodbye for now and get back to work so I can get them done before Saturday...
Have a GREAT next week and please share what you've been up to this week by linking up below... and please feel free to grab the code and share this blog party on your own blog too!


  1. Good luck with the panels! I think I won my rooster over finally. Now I bring the food and treats! No more problems.

  2. Can't wait to hear about your solar panels and what you think of them. We don't get enough sunshine where we live to use them, but love them...thanks for hosting!!

  3. Cute post! Aren't chickens just the most curious beings! I love your party - its a shame that others feel the need to advertise THEIR party on it (#10 - how rude!)

  4. I’m sharing the crunchiest apple crisp recipe you could ask for and finally how to freeze a bumper crop of peppers.

    Thanks for hosting!

    We also host a blog hop called Eat Make Grow we are always looking for folks who write about gardening, cooking, crafting and kids to link up.

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