Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop #43

Welcome Friends
Autumn has arrived at our little mountain.  This week the last tomato plants succumbed to freezing temperatures and there are finally beautiful red maple leaving littering my yard.
In the hen house, the girls are surprisingly still laying pretty well.  I am noticing only a slight drop in egg production so far.  One day I might find 13 eggs and the next day I may see only 9 or 10.  Either way, the ladies are feeding me and my husband very well and we are so grateful.  
The honey bees are not fairing as good as I'd hoped they would.  I winterized the hives and removed some boxes to try to compact pace for warmth, but the last few days cold overnight temps are proving too much.  Each morning I fins a dozen or so dead guard bees on the landing decks.  
We are in negotiations on the homestead of our dreams right now.  The home is a fixer upper, but it's on a hearty glacial fed river and the property line ends in the middle of the river giving water/irrigation rights to water a small family farm and pasture.  It is at a lower elevation than our current home so no freezing.  I should be able to grow crops all year long without too much extra work.  Everything has been falling into place so far, but there are three owners, siblings and they do not seem to be able to agree on the sales price/inspections.  We are doing a little nail biting right now...

Please keep my son Jon in your prayers.  He was laid off this week.  He and his wife just celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month.  I am hopeful that he finds a job soon.

Well, that's what's been happening on my little mountain.  It's your turn to share what you have been up to.  I hope you have a wonderful week and I thank you for stopping by.



  1. Wow, hope the land purchase works out for you all...I can imagine it would be suspenseful waiting to hear what they say! Also, praying favor for a new job for your son and blessings over his new marriage in the name of Jesus! Have a wonderful week, Nancy at livininthegreen

  2. Thank you Nancy. Just talked to the realtor and it looks great. We're only a few dollars apart now... Sigh.

  3. Good luck to your whole family, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you & your son :)
    Janie x

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  5. Good luck on the purchase ! Fingers crossed for you. I just linked up my Chicken Feed post. Enjoy!
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  6. Sending prayers for you son- this is all too common now. I just read where three large company are getting ready to downsize a large number of people. I think the secret is just to stay out of as much debt as possible, something that is too late for us! I hope the homestead comes through for you, so much security in that for the family.

  7. Thank you ladies for your kind words and thoughts. The kids are doing good. Jon's been putting in applications allover and online. Tonight, we got good news on the homestead too. Our offer has been accepted. If the home passes all the inspections and repairs go well we'll be relocating to a new zip code before Christmas, closer to all of our kids.