Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop #18

“I believe that a godly home is a foretaste of heaven. Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. They should be a reflection of our eternal home, where troubled souls find peace, weary hearts find rest, hungry bodies find refreshment, lonely pilgrims find communion, and wounded spirits find compassion.” 
― Jani Ortlund

It must have been recipe week last hop because I read so many yummy sounding recipes my sweet tooth started to ache.  Thank you ladies!!!  Here are a few of my favorites...
Deana of Country Momma Cooks linked up some wonderful looking recipes.  I am going to try her savory bread pudding recipe this week and who doesn't love the idea of having a BULK brownie mix?  I could get in some BIG trouble over this recipe...
Then, Dolly of Dolly Is Cooking shared the magnificent Hummingbird Cake recipe!  I was in love when I read the list of ingredients.  This magical cake features a cream cheese frosting on the inside and bananas, pecans, crushed pineapple and cinnamon on the inside...  It sounds heavenly, don't ya think?
And- Michele of Simply Scaife Family shared her knowledge about the herb mint, great ideas for using mint in your cooking, and a refreshing and easy mint tea recipe. Thank you Michele.  I love and grow mint too. 
Debbie of Our Old Homestead shared an update on her fascinating blender recipe soap.  Seriously, I used to make my own soap, the hard way.  I rendered my own tallow, added my preferred skin emolients and eventually lye and essential oils.The hard part was waiting for trace and waiting a month or so to use my prize.  Our Old Homestead Debbie learned from Debbie of Homespun Living a way to make soap in a blender that is so much faster, cleaner, and I think- safer too.  If you're thinking about making soap, please read about this process.  I was amazed.
I finished off my coffee and cookies reading and viewing beautiful images of plum thickets taken by Robyn of The RanchWife Chronicles.  What a life?  I swear.   Please take a moment to link up and share what you have been working on this week.


  1. Thanks for hosting and for featuring my Savory Bread Pudding :)

  2. Heidi I thank you too from the bottom of my heart!

  3. Deana and Dolly,
    I appreciate your wonderful contributions to my dinner plate... Thank you both from the bottom of my tummy.


  4. Thank you for hosting this blog hop. Great links to peruse! :)

  5. Hi,
    I shared a recipe for Baby Bok Choy with ginger and scallions. Also, some Mother’s Day gift ideas.. Also a new series featuring homesteaders! Check out this week’s feature!

    Join the fun! Are you an urban suburban, or rural homesteader? Show us your homestead in a feature on my blog!

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