Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Country Garden Showcase- Week 10

Earth laughs in flowers. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Welcome friends to a new week and a fresh start in the garden of life.  
It has been exciting to read so many garden related posts linked up to the last few Farmgirl Friday and Country Homemaker blog hops as well as those linked up here.  Thank you for sharing your gardening wisdom and experience.  
I hope you have had agreeable weather for planning your garden, preparing your soil, and starting your seeds.  

I have been working indoors much of the time during the last week starting seeds and bulbs.  Old man winter has finally caught up with us.  We had a little snow, strong winds, and overnight freezing temperatures all week.  My ears are still aching. 

My greenhouse didn't get moved on Friday, there was a snafu.  The boys were here, but the hubby got pulled away to an emergency... Outside this family room window  is where the greenhouse will be, once set.  Right on my back patio, on concrete, and close to water and electricity.  I am so anxious to get to work inside it...  Hopefully, it will be moved tomorrow morning.  My fingers are crossed.  I jumped the gun and bought an almond tree to go in its place...
This weekend I have been craving the bright colors of spring flowers.   It's been gloomy here all week.  So I started a flower garden of sorts, a set of floral colored washcloths and mug cozies.  

Right now, I am sitting down to eat a giant blueberry muffin fresh from the oven.  I got the recipe HERE and it's worth saving.

I am going to go watch my favorite show Once Upon A Time...

Please link up and SHARE what you've been up to this week.  Have a great week ahead. Thank you!


  1. Is this a linky party for garden related posts, or anything?

  2. Those muffins do look so delicious!
    I love the colorful yarn!

  3. Those muffins are making me so hungry!!

  4. "Once Upon a Time" is one of my FAVORITE tv shows :) :) I watch it every week..AND sometimes I'll watch the episodes again once they're listed on the "on demand" tv feature :) Have a great week. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. Ciao Heidi, se passi da me c'e' un pensierino per te!!!Baci.Cri.